About us

A short documentary about the history, the purpose and the goals of St Prex Classics :


Luna Classics brings together song, instrumental music and classical dance. Artists of international fame, drawn from different worlds, such as opera, chamber music or ballet, meet and collaborate to create unique performance, which will live only for an evening or two.

The beautiful historical surroundings of Nyon itself give all these creations a sublime finishing touch. To this end, during the festival, the Romanesque church and the Grand’Rue (the main street, covered by a transparent roof for the occasion) are transformed into exceptional venues.

Equally important is the mission of the Luna Classics to provide young performers with the opportunity to appear alongside the famous names in music, song and dance.

We hope that by creating a dialogue between theses different artistic disciplines, our events will enable audiences to explore the unique qualities of each art form and see them in a new light. Our programme is designed not only to appeal to veteran music lovers but to bring artistic excellence to new and less-experienced audiences, too.